Operations during the COVID-19 pandemic


Comment by Andrei Immoreev, CEO of SLK Cement

We have introduced ‘social distancing’ at SLK enterprises. The distance between employees should be at least 1.5 meters. Premises and floors have been marked, identifying the safe distance between workers. The number of people in one room at a time has been significantly limited where possible. Only one person at a time is allowed to sit at a table in the dining room. Employees working with third-party visitors are equipped with protective masks.

Cleaning and sanitizing stations are placed around the territory. Employees of enterprises take their temperature before going to work and stay home in case the temperature is above the norm. The temperature is also measured at the facility gates in order to isolate the infected, or potentially infected employees. Those employees who come from abroad self-isolate for a period of two weeks.

We also maintain contacommunications with local authorities, and comply with all the requirements of governing bodies and health care officials. We study the best practices used at industrial facilities of other cement producers as well.

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