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Reviewer report form

Procedure for reviewing of manuscripts of scientific articles submitted for publication to the journal Cement and its Applications
1. According to the established order, all the scientific manuscripts, received by the editorial board, are subject to mandatory review. To the manuscript, accompanied by a specialist reviews for admission, as the procedure of peer review, organized by the editorial staff in the following order.

2. Heading editor determines that the profile of the journal manuscript, the requirements for registration and, if necessary, directs the manuscript on the first review of the editor-in-chief. Then - for review or a member of the editorial board or external reviewer, a specialist doctor or a PhD, having the closest to the topic scientific specialization.

3. Reviewers are notified that they sent the manuscript are the property of authors and contain information not subject to disclosure. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of manuscripts. The review will be conducted confidentially.

4. The terms of the review are determined in each case, the lead editor with the creation of conditions for the most rapid publication of the manuscript.

5. The review will be conducted confidentially to the authors, it is confidential. Review provided to the author by his written request, without a signature and the name, position, place of work the reviewer. Review indicating the author of the review is available upon request, expert advice in the WAC.
6. The review highlights the following issues:
a) that the content of the manuscript corresponds with its title;
b) assessment of the relevance of the content of the manuscript;
c) assessment of forms of presentation and accessibility;
d) what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of the manuscript, which corrections and additions need to be made by the author;
e) the desirability of publication of the manuscript.

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