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The Journal Cement and its Applications is one of the leading periodical publications, listed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK). The Journal, which is more than 110-year old, deals with problems of cement production and its applications in Russia, CIS and all over the world. The Journal is a Russian-language trade periodical that works extensively with cement plants and holding companies, manufacturers of equipment, concrete and dry construction mixes as well as with research, design and higher education institutes all over Russia and abroad - all of them comprise the Journal’s readership. 

We provide our readers with current unbiased information concerning the achievements of science in the field of cement generally and Portland cement particularly. The Journal also provides relevant information about the companies that produce cement in bulk, building materials and other products based on cement. One of the constituent parts of the subjects covered is devoted to technological issues that provide effective and high-quality output of the materials under constantly changing requirements of its technical data, safety conditions and preservation of the environment, of production economics. 

The Journal’s contents have always been ground on publications by both venerable and young representatives of science and practice. Owing to the Journal, many names became extensively known. The publication has always been aimed at consolidation of the professional community. The organization of international conferences Petrocem may serve a representative example of this consolidation. 

The Journal is circulated all over Russia, CIS countries and abroad. It is a bimonthly publication that is issued with reports, news and analytical materials in English.
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