Operations during the COVID-19 pandemic


Comment by Alexey Sysoev, CEO of ‘Vostokcement’ Holding Company

- The plants of Vostokcement Holding keep shipping products to their clients during these difficult times. Spasskcement, Teploozyorsk Cement Plant, Yakutcement, VBShZ and DSZ still deliver cement, crushed stone, sand, rocky soil and other types of building materials to the most important construction sites of the Far East.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vostokcement introduced serious measures to combat the spread of infection. All employees of the holding who are not required on site to maintain continuous production process are transferred to work remotely from home or are on paid vacations.

We purchased personal protective equipment, indoor disinfecting lamps and non-contact thermometers for our enterprises before the president of the Russian Federation announced urgent measures to combat the spread of the new coronavirus infection. All of our employees measure body temperature at the start of the work day. Everyone who continues to work on site is provided with personal protective equipment in full. They have protective masks and sterile gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfectants for indoor areas. There are COVID-19 information stands about what this infection is, and what the preventive measures are. 

Vostokcement also introduced a new rule aimed at the safety of both employees and our customers. Employees of the holding’s enterprises and drivers responsible for the delivery of our products to clients only interact while using personal protective equipment (medical masks and gloves). Drivers without PPE are not allowed on site. Being socially responsible and following basic safety guidelines is what will help avoid the spread of infection, ultimately preserving the lives and health of our people.

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