Cement compositions for increased waste and the quality control system of cement

Cement industry contributes to the recycling of resources by using various industrial wastes and by-products in Japan. Therefore, the comprehensive materials design of cement, in consideration of both environmental impacts and properties, is expected to become increasingly important. This paper describes the influence of mineral admixtures on the paste fluidity and the adiabatic temperature rising characteristic of cement containing high aluminate phase content. The fluidity of the cement paste containing aluminate phase of 12 mass % was improved by adding of mineral admixtures such as granulated blast furnace slag or limestone powder. By increasing of aluminate phase of cement and addition of mineral admixtures, it is possible to enlarge waste usage and reduce CO2 emission without changing the performance of cement in cement industry.
Author: E. Sakai, D. Atarashi, M. Miyauchi, E. Maruya

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