Modernizing and upgrading of cement plants using latest technologies for engineering and design.

Engineering company Intercem Engineering GmbH, which specializes in reconstruction and modernization projects, applies new techniques of project development. Examples of completed projects are provided and the company`s potential is described.

Instruments for monitoring the fineness of cement

The article discusses laboratory instruments to determine particle size based on different measuring principles, and argues for the choice of a laser granulometer.

Combined solutions on lining

On the example of the works carried out by Calderys Company at the OAO Ivano-Frankovsk-Cement (Ukraine), special features of applying a combined solution for linings in cement production facilities are considered. The advantages of this method are presented, and...

Current problems in the control of cement production

The article deals with the issues of inadequate assessment of cement quality according to its various properties in compliance with GOST 10178-85, GOST 31108-2003, GOST 22266-94, EN 197.1 and the problems of inadequate testing of cements.

Implementation of ISO 9001 - 2008 quality management system and transition to cement production in accordance with GOST 31108 at OAO Iskitim-Cement

The article deals with various stages of quality management system implementation and transition to cement production according to the new standard, specifics of customer relations management and suggestions in relation to the new standard.

Guest-ion incorporation in alite and belite structure by NMR experiments and density functional theory calculations

Solid-state MAS NMR spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations are shown to be unique experimental and theoretical tools to obtain information about site preferences and guest-ion substitution schemes in the principal phases of Portland cement...

A comparison of separate and joint grinding of cement and additives. A review of literature.

It is shown that in discussions of various effects of joint and separate grinding of multi-component cement on the finished product the chemical and physical properties of the ground material should always be taken into account, as well as the duration of grinding, fina...

Examination of Portland cement hydration by rf spectroscopy

The process of cement hydration was examined using radio spectroscopy of 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-hydroxypiperidine-1-oxyl spin labels. A suggestion was made that cement hydration should take place along several routes, including the radical or ion-radical one. It is shown...

Cements for plugging of wells for various purposes

The article deals with the materials used to plug wells of various types: water intakes, wells of gas storage facilities, waste injection wells, and wells earmarked for suspension or abandonment. These materials include ISO class cements, special types of cement - ARMC ...

The use of wastes in the cement industry in Russia

The article examines availability and use of secondary resources, suitable for use in the manufacture of cement instead of natural raw materials and fuel. Data is provided on changing trends in the production of cement with additives. Imperfection of the existing legal ...

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