EUROCEMENT Group company. Interview given by President of EUROCEMENT Group Mikhail Skorokhod

In the head office of EUROCEMENT Group, Russia`s largest cement producer and one of the largest cement holdings of the world, Mikhail A. Skorokhod, President of the company gave an interviwe to Ludmila Z. German, General Director of OOO Journal Cement.

Siemens Company

Interview given by Vladislav Mustafin, Deputy Director for IS sales, Solutions for industry department, sector of industry, OOO Siemens

Financing the investment projects of Russia’s cement industry

The article presents an analysis of investment prospects of the Russian cement industry. It is expected that the industry will offer a wide range of opportunities both for the equipment suppliers and for the corporate lenders. Some recommendations are given on practices...

Projects of storage equipment upgrading

The article reviews several storage equipment upgrading projects completed in various countries of the world by the German company SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH, which is part of AUMUND Group. Optimization of the operation of the existing equipment is achieved by upgrading i...

Consultant – indispensable partner today

The article examines the role of a well-qualified consultant at implementation of projects involving construction of new cement plants and modernization of the existing production facilities. It shows the effectiveness of the consultant’s work at various stages of proje...

Surface modification of teeth in reduction gears

The article reviews the reasons that necessitate modification ofthe surface ofreducer gear teeth.Itis shown that the techniques used for this purpose in MAAG Gear AG reducers ensure high reliability of torque transmission between toothed gear wheels.

Crushing and classification lines for cement raw materials and other materials

If one could call the firing shop the heart of a cement production line, also important are sections where raw material and cement are crushed to optimal-size lumps for subsequent grinding. While designing and supplying cement and lime production line, as well as ore mi...

Modern gas-turbine technologies at the service of cements

The article examines the operating efficiency of a gas-turbine installation (GTI) on the example of its use at the Belorussky cement plant. It is shown that the use of GTI exhaust gases for raw material drying ensures the technical and economic efficiency ot the...

Dosing Technology for the Cement Manufacturing Process

A great deal of attention is given to the design and efficiency of application of rotor weight feeders that ensure high dosing accuracy and consistency. The rotor weight feeders are used for dosing of dustlike fuel, finely dispersed mineral products and hot coarse-grain...

Ship cement unloader

The article considers standard pneumatic unloaders produced by Kovako Materials Handling in a wide range of capacities for ships of various displacements. Also considered is the design of a trailer that can be moved within the port area. All the pneumatic unloaders are ...

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