Particle size analysis of cement

The article considers the methodology and equipment for determination of the size of cement particles by the laser diffraction method. It is shown that the laser diffraction method is applicable for analysis of cement in the form of both dry powder and suspension disper...

Hybrid filter – a new interesting filter concept

The article examines the design concept of a hybrid filter and shows its advantages. It describes the conversion of ESPs of the kiln/raw mill system to hybrid filters at the plant owned by TITAN Company at Kamari (Greece). The article provides the technical para...

Effect of Portland cement and alumina cements on the properties of mixed compositions

The article considers the effect of the characteristics of Portland cement and alumina cements and their ratios on the properties of rapid-hardening mixed compositions.

A thermodynamic phase formation analysis at hardening of carbonate-containing cements

Using the Gibbs potential minimization method, a phase formation mechanism was studied during hydration of the 3CaO·Al2O3 — CaSO4 · 2H2O — СаСО3 system. It has been established that when the system contains up to 3–4 mass.% of СаСО3, it acts as an active component, ...

Effect of additives on salting-out

The work examines the effect of fired brucite and a water-repellent additive – soapstock – on the salting-out of cement stone. It was established that these additives have a positive effect on the salting-out and physico-mechanical characteristics of cement stone.

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