Aerodynamic features of a rotary kiln burner with multijet outflow of the primary air

At material calcining in rotary kilns the burner design is one of the most important aspects defining the kiln line engineering-and-economical performance and product quality.
In the last 15 years, M.A.S. burner (Mono Airduct System - a system with one primary air channel) has been among market leaders. The burner divides all the primary air entering it into 12-15 separate streams that leave the burner nozzle tangentially and symmetrically to the burner axis. Such burners with multi-stream air injection have a number of advantages conpared with conventional multi-channel devices.
The purpose of the article is to analyze the performance and features of M.A.S. burner, and summarize the results of its 15-year operation.
Author: A. Wagner

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