Improving the properties of aluminous cement and its application.

The article cites the results of the experimental industrial works on the development of a technology of obtaining aluminous slag using bauxites that contain an elevated amount of silicon oxide.

Study of the process of Portland cement hydration using raster electronic microscopy.

The article provides a detailed description of the technique of studying the process of Portland cement hydration by using raster electronic microscopy with high resolution . The technique and its hardware registration enable determination of the morphology of hydrate p...

Use of coal dust as an alternative to gas.

The article describes the concept of Schenck Company regarding coal dust proportioning. It also reviews various versions of the coal dust feeding system and advantages of the proportioning system

Two new grinding sections for Sharia cement plant, United Arab Emirates

The article cites the results of the work on expanding the cement grinding section at Sharia Cement plant (United Arab Emirates). A 100 tph 0 4.2x13 m ball mill was installed. The project took 8.5 months to complete. For further development of the grinding secti...

Production of ash-foam concrete using the sewage sludge ash.

The article cites the results of the works on the application of the ash obtained by burning sewage sludge in the production of ash-foam concrete.

Petrographers’ seminar

The article provides information on the seminar of cement plant specialists held at 0. 1. Mendeleyev Russian Chemical Technology University to discuss the potential of petrographic control of production by using state-of-the-art technology.

Selection of cements for dry construction mixes

The article discusses general problems connected with selection of cements for dry construction mixes. It enumerates the cement characteristics that, to this or that extent, determine the proper

New phosphate materials with special properties.

The article cites the results of investigations involving the development of a radiation-protection material based on phosphate hardening.

Fired magnesia-chloride cement

A study was completed on the effect of magnesium and calcium chlorides on the decomposition of magnesite under a thermal shock. A study was made of the binding properties of products fired subsequently ground at adding water to them. It was established that these produc...

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