Ukrainian cement industry

The article analyzes the data on the state of the Ukrainian cement industry and market and the prospects of their development.
The sector includes 16 cement plants that arecapable of producing 17.15 Mt clinker in 2005. In 2004 they produced 10.707 Mt cement, including 8.89 Mt produced by the enterprises owned by Ukr-Cement Association .
The capacity utilization rates of the Ukrainian cement enterprises, and actual cement and clinker output figures are shown in Table 1. Over the first two months of 2005 the growth in the production of cement and clinker, com- pared to the first two months of 2004, was 112.7% and 130.1% respectively.
The output of Portland cement in 2004 was 79%, including 14% of no-additive cement. The output of slag Portland cement was 20%. In 2004 the total output of marketable prod- ucts by the Ukr-Cement enterprises was 1.525 bin. hryvnas, or about US$305 min.
The number of employees at the Ukr-Cement enterprises, cement volumes sold by those enterprises on the domestic market and exported are shown in Table 2. The share of bagged cement in 2004 was 25% of the total sales.
Author: G.I. Donets

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