From municipal solid waste to energy.

The article describes "waste derived solid fuel" based on 2/3 municipal solid waste (MSW) + + 1/3 commercial and industrial solid waste (CISW) and processed through five steps: • coarse MSW shredding to 250 to 300 mm size, • aerobic bio-stabilization with significant moisture reduction, • automatic proportioning of the two components controlled by "Calorific Value on-line analysis", • chlorine reduction by NIR (near infrared) spectroscopy, • very fine grinding of the mix (0.2 to 5 mm). The fuel obtained in this way can replace 80 to 90% of the pulverized coal or petcoke in Buzzis cement kilns, furthermore helping to reduce or eliminate the landfills. Approximately 0.9 t of Carbonverde (CBV) with a moisture content of approximately 14% are obtained from 1 t MSW with a moisture content of approx. 50% through moisture reduction and addition of CISW.

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