The 8th International Petrocem Conference

On 27-29 April 2014 the 8th International Petrocem Conference was held in St. Petersburg, Russia. The article provides a review of conference presentations.

Scenario for 2013—2014 in Europe and the USA

Analysis of the situation in construction spending for the nearest year in European countries and US is given in the overview. Two types of scenarios are suggested for Europe and the core one is expecting lower demand in construction of around 3% in 2013 but stabili...

Production of cement at dry process production lines using wet chalks of Belarus

The material gives an overview of cement industry in Belarus nowadays.

Cement industry in Uzbekistan

The material gives an overview of cement industry in Uzbekistan nowadays.

Analysis of cement transportation in Russia

The article considers the data on cement transportation by rail in 2013 in Russia as well as on rolling stock used. The factors affecting the volume of cement transportation by rail are analyzed.

Ukrainian cement industry. Results of operations in the 1st quarter of 2014

In the 1st Q of 2014 1519.2 kt of cement and 894.6kt of clinker were produced, which is, respectively, 19.9% more and 4.6% more than in the last year. Tables given in the material show the data on export and import of cement and clinker in the 1Q of 2014.

Advanced techniques for cement plant upgrades

There are still many Portland Cement manufacturing facilities world-wide utilizing long-wet and long-dry pyro-processing technology. In today’s global market, there are many reasons to upgrade those plants to the most modern preheater/precalciner technology. In order to...

Taylor-made cooler retrofit at OJSC Sucholozhskcement

The article describes the experience of upgrading the existing clinker cooler for the dry cement production line at OAO Sukholozhsk-Cement. Technological solutions are considered that have reduced the cost of upgrading and simultaneously enhanced the capacity of equipme...

Clinker cooler ETA — guarantee of reliability and efficiency

This article describes the design, operation and advantages of the ETA refrigerator, developed and manufactured by Claudius Peters Projects GmbH (Germany), that was first successfully commissioned in 2004. It became the first clinker cooler, working on the “walk...

Bringing the utilization of equipment when working in cold climates and with sticky materials to the maximum

When dealing with raw materials of cement production at low ambient temperatures, and in the cases when the materials are wet and sticky, problems may emerge, leading to a decrease both in the utilization coefficient of the equipment and its performance. This article di...

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