Mineralogical Strategies to reduce CO2 in the fabrication of alternative cements

Different strategies for the production of cementitious materials on the basis of mineralogical argumentations are described. Besides optimization of technologies like sintering and grinding and electrical energy, the main production of CO2 can be derived from the decarbonization of limestone. Therefore a main goal of development for future cementitious materials should be a reduction of the relevant raw materials and clinker phases due to their CO2 – production. The amounts of available industrial residues like slags and ashes as cement additives cannot supply the demand of an increasing production of cementitious materials based on composite cements. Therefore natural materials which are available in large quantities will play a strong role in the future. Also new cement types with different clinker minerals, different raw materials, composite cements and activation methods and mineralization admixtures for increased reactivity are some of the possibilities which can be used. Some of these possibilities are still investigated at laboratory scale whereas others already are scaled up to application size.
Author: Pöllmann H

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