Russian cement industry in 2016. Production, market, prospects

The article provides data on the dynamics of changes in Russia’s cement production capacities, its various production methods, consumption, export and import in 2016. Compared to the 2015 indicator, in 2016 the total volume of domestic cement production dropped by 7 Mt (approximately to 55 Mt), At the same time its output by the facilities using the energy-saving processes of the dry and combined production methods decreased by just 0.2 Mt, and the share of those methods in the total cement output grew from 45.7 to 50.8 per cent. The expert assessments of the real annual production capacity of Russian cement plants cited in the article clearly indicate the need to take urgent measures aimed at modernization and reconstruction of the existing wet production facilities as well as the dry process plants brought into operation in the 20th century. The article also provides data on the balance between cement production and consumption in federal districts and on the cross-supplies of cement between them, the volume of those supplies in 2016 exceeding 10 Mt
Author: V.I. Zharko, E.V. Vysotsky, A.V. Chernikov

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