Calcium aluminate cement based repair concrete roads

Calcium aluminate cements (CAC) and their products are different from Portland cement by their chemical and physical properties. This type of cement shows great performance of thermal stability, quick strength gain, quick setting, durability, acid and sulfate resistance. All around the world, this kind of systems are used in various application areas, e. g. it is possible to create fast, practical and durable repair concrete designs using CAC. With CAC, it is also possible to obtain practical, fast and long-lasting concrete floors. The main difference between ordinary portland cement and calcium aluminate cement originated from the dissimilarity of chemical compositions. In these cements, different phases exist, and so different hydrates are formed when the hydration occurs that leads to CAC properties not similar to those of Portland cement. In the CAC production facility owned by Çimsa, the Turkish company, a 100 m2 field CAC based road concrete application was carried out. The aim is that it is a concrete that can meet the demand for early strength in road and ground projects, which require rapid concrete casting with road concrete reaching 30 MPa in 6 hours. Çimsa Ready Mixed Concrete and Cement Research and Application Center jointly worked and 4 different recipes were developed with different performance capabilities.
Author: M. Sucu, M. Severoglu, T. Delibas

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