Use of natural and technogenic mineral resources in the cement industry of Georgia

The article discusses the current state of cement production in Georgia. Because of the scarcity and high cost of mineral additives, the companies began to replace clinker when milling cement with non-traditional, previously unused materials. In Georgia available and common are rubble from river stone, alluvial clay shale, zeolite tufa (sedimentary rocks), basalt (volcanic rock) and granulated slag of silicon manganese (a man-made material). The results of the studies of materials proposed for use as mineral additives are presented, and their prospects are shown.
Author: R. Skhvitaridze, E. Shapakidze, I. Gejadze, T. Kordzakhia, G. Tsintskaladze, I. Giorgadze, Sh. Verulava

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