Quality control in cement production at the plants of the Vostokcement group of companies

The Vostokcement group of companies includes cement producers AO Spasskcement, AO Teploozersky Cement Plant and AO PO Yakutcement, which provide effective control of production processes and the quality of the finished product. The quality management system of AO Spasskcement was developed in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 international standard and is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API). An automatic laboratory is operating at the plant, which comprises a set of equipment for automatic selection, transportation, preparation and analysis of raw meal samples, with software that automatically adjusts the dispenser of raw materials to bring the composition of the raw meal to the specified values. The lab of AO Teploozersky Cement Plant, in addition to analysis, performs automated petrographic studies with Clinker S7 hardware and software system, which helps to adjust the composition of the raw material mix, the firing mode, etc. If necessary, the company uses this complex for all three cement plants of the group. The testing laboratory of AO PO Yakutcement, regularly undergoing certification, is set with modern equipment for testing general construction (produced in accordance with GOST 31108-2016) and oil-well cements.
Author: P.G. Kryukova, L.A. Timoshenko, I.Ye. Musko, B.Ya. Kuidina, N.V. Sysoeva, I.S. Sokolyuk, N.V. Zakovryashina

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