Project for the replacement of raw mill fans at the Karcement plant

Raw mills Nos. 3 and 4 of the Karcement plant operate using too much electric power. The engineers of Karcement made the required measurements, inspected the fans, verified the data and calculations, and, as a result, proposed the design of fans to replace the existing ones, with a forecast of their operational performance, based on the process parameters and the operation of the plant. The main objective of the replacement is to achieve considerable energy savings and increase the mill production rate with minimum investment and a reasonable payback period. According to the results of calculations in US$, with the accepted operating time of the mills during the year of 6480 hours (that is, the operation with 90% availability), this period will be 1.55-1.93 years.
Author: R. Rajesh, A. Sohail, V. Sereda

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