Blending and homogenizing silos: structural problems and their causes

Consistency in raw material is vital for the production of cement with reliable characteristics. As the process of cement production has developed, so has the preparation and storage of the blend of materials used to produce clinker. Today, the raw mix is blended in specially designed silos. Modern mixing and blending silos differ from other silos — continuous and non-uniform movement of bulky material in them results in emergence of forces in the load-bearing walls and other concrete structures of the silo, often exceeding the loads for which they were designed. Overstressing of concrete first manifests itself in vertical cracking, then in concrete segregation and spalling, and in the most unfavorable scenario can lead to a catastrophic collapse of the entire structure. The article discusses the mixing and blending processes used in modern silos, and also the structural problems of silos and how to solve them.
Author: G. Lynskey

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