Incoming quality control of commercial concrete at construction sites — a decisive factor in ensuring reliability of concrete structures

Presently there are more and more construction pro­jects that require reinforcement. To ensure the quality of supplied concrete the Gvozdev Research Institute of Reinforced Concrete has developed the system of incoming quality control on­site, which allows to deliver end­to­end control process, starting from production and ending with fabrication. This system was implemented by the institute during the "Sberbank Technopark" project in "Skolkovo" IC. During this project, the incoming inspection was carried out by the supervising organization jointly with the contractor. None of the facilities and structures at this project had to be reinforced due to insufficient strength of the concrete which speaks for the efficacy of incoming inspection and the potential to scale it up.
Author: S. A. Podmazova, B.S. Sokolov, M.V. Glushkova, N.S. Dmitriev

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