Opportunities to reduce production cost in cement plants

Cost reduction is a constant challenge for cement plant operators. Indeed, there are several opportunities to optimize their production cost. This article will highlight some of them in the area of quality control, process performance improvement and maintenance.
It is well known that a high uniformity of processed materials is the prerequisite to sustain or develop a high equipment performance; it also guarantees a good pro­duct quality of clinker. High clinker or kiln feed uniformity increases kiln availability and production rate, reduces production costs and ensures better cement quality. Process performance improvement comprises analysis of existing processes and products, identification of areas for optimization, development and implementation of more efficient procedures and systems, introduction of new products and enhancement of product quality. In most cases highest potential is given by reduction of thermal and electrical energy consumption and improvement of kiln availability. Concerning maintenance cement plants spend a huge amount of money to keep the equipment running. In many cement plants, it is a significant part of the overall production cost. This offers potential for savings, which for many companies can be of substantial importance. There are different maintenance strategies in place which can be implemented in a combined manner.
Author: K. Eichas

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