Dry lime mixtures for restoration

Lime plaster and masonry dry mixtures are widely used to restore architectural monuments. The use of air-hardening lime as a binder is necessary not only to ensure that the restoration material corresponds to the historic artefact in terms of composition, but also to achieve the required technical characteristics. Lime-based mortars are characterized by high water vapor transmission, deformability, low waterabsorption capacity, and resistance to biofouling. At the same time lime mortars in modern conditions can be considered as not quite technologically advanced, since their curing to a large extent depends on the relative humidity of the ambient air, and requires a rather long period of curing before reaching the rated strength. To overcome this disadvantage, while keeping the other performance characteristics of lime mortar unchanged, it is proposed to modify the composition of the mixture by introducing an aluminum hydroxide-based additive to accelerate setting and hardening in an optimal quantity.
Author: S.A. Cherevko, A.M. Kharitonov, Y.V. Pukharenko, Y.P. Panibratov, T.M. Petrova

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