Mineralizer input temperature as a factor in obtaining white clinker with a high iron oxide content

The present work is devoted to the influence of a new way of input of mineralizer 2C2S - CaF2 on whiteness of cement at different concentrations of iron oxide in the clinker. It was established that the optimum temperature interval for the introduction of the mineralizer during burning is 1000-1100 °C. The whiteness of the ground clinker was 83 % with iron oxide content in clinker of 0.7 wt.%. This will expand the raw material base for the production of white cement. The new method of introducing a mineralizer makes it possible to reduce the temperature of white clinker production by 200-300 °C. The synthesis of white clinker in this work was carried out at 1300 °C.
Author: D.A. Mishin, S.V. Kovalev

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