Variability in cement properties – influence on bleeding of cement paste

The aim of this study is to find relation between cement properties and tendency of cement paste (concrete) to bleeding. We tested 19 cement samples collected from different batches. On cements were tested granulometry, specific surface, strengths, alkali  content, content of C3A modifications, setting times and bleeding. Tendency to bleeding of all 19 samples was tested in 3 types of cement paste mixtures. One reference mix and two mixtures with superplasticizers from different producers. Results show, that we can see partly relation between specific surface area and tendency to bleeding. With lower specific surface area, the tendency to bleeding is higher. While the content of alkali seems to have small influence. Where the higher content of alkali means higher tendency to bleeding. On the other hand, these results are not conclusive and it is required further testing on different parameters such as content of sulphur and type of gypsum added to clinker during grinding.
Author: D. Jancarikova, R. Hela, D. Netsvet, T. Perina

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