High efficiency of road structures through the integrated reinforcement of soil and development of innovative concrete

It has been established that granulated blast-furnace slag improves the structure of the problem cohesive soils increasing their density and strength. It was shown that the use of fine ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) in combination with Portland cement (PC) provides effective strengthening of soils of different nature, especially significant in the presence of the complex chemical additive "PRA" on a polycarboxylate basis. The introduction of GGBFS into concrete in combination with PC and in the presence of two complex chemical additives "PRA" and "Nanoaktiv-M" based on polycarboxylates of different nature allows creating an innovative material with technical characteristics that ensure its high durability, which is advisable to recommend for road pavements.
Author: R.R. Adigamov, E.V. Mitukova, V.Y. Solovieva, S.O. Gunin

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