Cement-based complex mineral binders

In the framework of the National Project Safe Quality Roads there is a need to build roads in regions with soils with low bearing capacity. The latter circumstance leads to a significant increase in costs when using traditional technologies of excavation and replacement of the soil with non-metallic materials, which ultimately affects the cost of the finished road. Strengthening and stabilization of soil with cement-based complex mineral binders (CMB) is the optimal and modern solution for reliable and durable pavement structures.
The first experience of strengthening the soils for road construction in this country was obtained in the 1950s in connection with the need for rapid development of road networks. In the USSR a large number of research works were carried out in this area. The successful result of such researches in those years was the regulatory document SN 25-74 (Instruction for the use of soils reinforced by binders for construction of the foundations and pavements of highways and airfields).
At the present time the relevance of using reinforced soil is caused by the increasing scope of highway construction, including in the eastern part of the country, as well as the shortage and high cost of non-metallic materials. Therefore, it is advisable to use local materials reinforced by CMB for road pavement construction.
Author: A.S. Antonov, S.V. Minakov, V.G. Minkin

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