Colloidal additive based on aluminosilicate minerals for cement modification

The paper presents the results of the research in obtaining a colloidal additive on the basis of aluminosilicate minerals for cement modification. It was found that on the basis of synnyrites of the Republic of Buryatia one can receive a colloidal modifier with the use of sol—gel technologies. As a result of experiments the method of obtaining a colloidal additive and its optimal dosages have been established, the analysis of cement hydration in the presence of the colloidal modifier has been carried out. The compressive strength of cement with additives in all periods of hardening was higher than that of the control samples. The maximum strength achieved by cement samples at the age of 28 days was 82—90 MPa.
Author: L.A. Urkhanova, E.V. Dorzhieva, E.V. Gonchikova, A.B. Tsydenova

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