Effect of conductive ultradisperse additives on percolation in electrically conductive cement compositions

The paper presents the results of a study of the properties of cement composites modified with ultradispersed additives based on carbon black and chrysotile nanofibers. The possibility of the effect of these additives on the electrical conductivity parameters of cement composites has been theoretically substantiated. It was experimentally established that the introduction of carbon black in an amount of 10 % by wt. of cement allows to lower the specific electric resistance of the composition by 95 %, while the introduction of chrysotile nanofibers in an amount of 7 % by wt. of cement allows to reduce this parameter by 65 %. It is advisable to introduce these additives together, since in this case not only the greatest reduction of the electrical resistivity of compositions (by 86 %) is achieved, but also the greatest increase in the tensile strength of samples at bending (by 66 %).
Author: G.I. Yakovlev, I.S. Polyanskikh, I.A. Pudov, Z.S. Saidova, E.V. Begunova

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