Investigation of strain hardening of hydration-hardening composites reinforced with dispersed polypropylene fibers

The paper describes the character of structural damage of composites reinforced with dispersed polypropylene microfibers, determines their strength and deformation properties under compression and tension in bending, and establishes correlation between their composition and characteristics of load-deformation diagrams. High-strength cement matrix on the basis of Portland cement (compressive strength limit of 70 MPa) and medium strength matrix based on granulated blast-furnace slag with alkaline activation (compressive strength limit of 40 MPa) were used. The composition of the matrix was chosen by the maximum mobility at a low water-cement ratio of 0.22 and 0.30 for high filling of the composite with polypropylene microfiber in the amount of 5 and 3.5 % for matrices on Portland cement and slag-alkali binder, respectively. The deformation diagrams are presented for all investigated compositions.
Author: O.M. Smirnova, A.M. Kharitonov, Yu.M. Tikhonov

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