Elimination of loose material hang-ups in large industrial facilities by automated pneumatic caving systems

Automated systems of pneumatic caving of bulk solids ISTA 4 manufactured by the Russian company NPP ISTA, which allow removing the hanging and arch formation of bulk solids in silos, bunkers, furnaces, heat exchangers, gas ducts, filters and other industrial facilities, have been used in plants in Russia, CIS countries and the EU for more than 30 years. The main distinguishing feature of ISTA systems is the availability of fast-acting valves with an opening time of 2-4 ms. The ISTA arch caving system can be integrated into the automated process control system of the factory.
Author: S.N. Isakov, V.Yu. Klukin, S.T. Panchenko, D.A. Solodovnikov, S.V. Yurkin

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