Innovative electrostatic precipitators for cement industry

Innovative electrostatic precipitators of the environmental holding company Kondor Eco-SF NIIOGAS can be used to solve problems within the framework of the national project Ecology with respect to the federal projects Clean Air and Implementation of the best available technologies. According to the information and technical reference book on the best available technologies ITS 6-2022 Cement Production, when modernizing ESPs it is recommended to reduce dust emissions to the level of less than 50 mg/Nm3 by means of automatic voltage control or replacement of electrodes with upgraded versions. The same handbook indicates the possibility of installing additional filtration sections. As a result of the research, the holding company's specialists developed a new principle of voltage control in the ESP and new designs of corona and precipitation electrodes, and it became possible to increase the active filtration zone in the ESP on the former site for the unit with minimal costs for modernization or new construction.
Author: E.L. Zhuchenko, M.E. Smirnov, D.E. Kapustin

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