Greening cement production: alternative fuels in the cement industry

In the face of escalating concerns regarding climate change and environmental impact, the cement industry is actively exploring and implementing the use of alternative fuels to revolutionise its production processes. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities associated with transitioning from traditional fossil fuels to alternative sources in the cement and concrete production. The urgency for sustainable practices is underscored by factors such as high carbon emissions, global climate change threats, regulatory compliance, public awareness, resource depletion, technological opportunities and global collaboration towards sustainable development goals.
The focus on alternative fuels represents a pivotal shift in the industry towards reduced carbon emissions, enhanced energy efficiency, waste reduction, and diversification of energy sources. Biomass, waste-derived fuels, hydrogen, biogas, solar and wind power emerge as key players in this transition, each presenting unique benefits and challenges.
Author: F. Leitao

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