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Over the past 50 years, concrete in Canada has evolved from a simple robust material to a complex composite with impressive improvements in the materi...
Issue №2, 2019
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete, high performance concrete, ultra-high strength concrete, water reducer, plasticizer, superplasticizer, silica fume, blended cement
Autor: P.-C. Aitcin, W. Wilson, S. Mindess.
The report deals with the development of optimum parameters for the photocolorimetric method of monitoring the weight ratio of organic water-reducing ...
Issue №1, 2011
Section: Control of production
Keywords: water reducers; organic-mineral admixtures; photocolorimetry
Autor: I.E. Kovalyova, S.G. Neznamova, G.V. Sergeyeva, G.A. Vdovichenko, M.N. Golysheva,, N.Ye. Yevdokimova.
The article discusses the production of low water demand binder (BLW) adding a liquid modifying agent in a centrifugal impact mill. The BLW th...
Issue №1, 2011
Section: Science and production
Keywords: low water requirement binder; water reducer; ring­roll impact mill
Autor: S.A. Kascheyeva, M.S. Garkavi, I.S. Sinkevich.
Results of the examination of Muraplast FK 63 and Centrilit Fume SX additives produced by MC-Bauchemie as means for improving corrosion resistance of ...
Issue №1, 2011
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: concrete; water reducer; corrosion resistance
Autor: N.K. Rosental, G.V. Chekhny, G.V. Lyubarskaya.

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