Once again on thaumasite – a substance that does not have binding properties

Thaumasite exists as a rare mineral of the calcium carbonate silicate sulphate hydrate type that was first discovered by the Swedish geologist Nordenskiold in 1878. He named the mineral thaumasite after the Greek word thaumázein ‘to be surprised’. A simple empirica...

The influence of calcium sulfate additives on the properties of quick-setting cement compositions.

The properties of compositions based on mixtures of Portland cement and Secar 38 R aluminous cement with the addition of hemihydrate of calcium sulfate are examined. The effect of α- and β-hemihydrate of calcium sulfate addition on the time of curing, kinetics...

Control of mercury in flue gases with the existing furnace filters

A method is proposed to use existing dust filtration with a sorbent, insensitive to temperature and harmless with respect to concrete, in order to capture mercury and use the kiln dust where the sorbent is contained. The sorbent binds mercury, to be subsequently leached...

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