The kinetics of curing the cement matrix with modifying additives Biotech-NM and Glenium-51

The kinetics of modified cement pastes’ hardening was examined with five different samples of Portland cement in the conditions of moist heat curing at a temperature of 30 ± 2 °C. It was found that moist heat curing at 30 ± 2 °C of all cement samples of different material composition with modifiers Glenium-51® and Biotech-NM increases the strength after 24 hours from 3-10 MPa to 25-50 MPa. The results of the study make it possible to recommend CEM II cements with modifiers for massive structures. To accelerate the turnover of formwork during concreting small-size structures, modified cements of CEM I type are recommended, with a specific surface area over 350 m2/kg.
Author: L.M. Dobshits, O.V. Kononova, S.N. Anisimov

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