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In continuation of our publications under the heading Cement Production Process Stages (Quarries — № 6 for 2007, Grinding — № 5 for 2008, Firing — № 2 for 2009, Automation — № 6 for 2009, Storing, packing, dispatch — № 5 for 2010) we now publish another special ...

Cement Industry in Brazil

Information about the historical development and the current state of the cement industry and the cement market in Brazil - one of the largest cement consumers in the world is given. Almost all cement in the country is produced in dry process plants with high energy eff...

Cement industry in Poland

The data on the cement industry in Poland, showing its high technical level achieved as a result of modernization of enterprises, are presented. The greatest attention is paid to the environment impact indicators. The prospects associated with the policy of CO2 emission...

Ukrainian cement industry. Results of operations in the first eight months of 2011

The volume of major products of cement enterprises of Ukraine for the first 8 months of 2011, as well as data on cement and clinker production, cement sales (by brands), the consumption of cement by region indicated in the tables.

A vertical ball ring mill for grinding and drying of coal

The design and operation of an EM vertical ball ring mill for grinding and drying of coal, developed by Claudius Peters of Germany, is examined. A comparison of this mill with horizontal ball mills and vertical roller mills is made.

A new grinding plant at the Wotan cement works

The new grinding plant in the Wotan cement works was designed to meet very strict requirements for the cement quality and economic efficiency. One particular challenge lay in being able to react flexibly to the production demands for different types of cement. The plant...

The Indiana Jones pipe conveyor

One of the latest technological developments in transportation of raw materials by pipe conveyors based on KOCH technology and successfully accomplished by FLSmidth is discussed.

Parameterized and object-oriented process control

A library of the automated process control system (System 800xA) developed by the Swiss company ABB is described. It includes unique object-oriented software control modules and makes it possible to arrive at high-performance fully parameterized solutions for pr...

Modernization of cement companies

Case studies of the projects of retrofitting and modernization of cement plants, successfully implemented by Ukrainian engineering & production company Elaks specializing in automation. The completed projects have improved the basic technical and economic indices of cem...

ECS/CEMulator - a modern simulator for training operators of Portland cement production lines

In 2010 the Danish company FLSmidth, with cooperation from the journal Cement and its Applications, donated a workstation and ECS/CEMulator commercial software package for training operators of cement production to the department of chemical technology of structural and...

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