Feeding and distribution of foreign clinker in the silos of cement plants

Equipment from Aumund Fördertechnik GmbH, Germany, designed for reception and distribution of clinker in silos - ground feeders, loaders, conveyors, elevators – is reviewed.

Equipment for grinding cement and other materials

The range of grinding equipment and services offered by Austrian company CEMTEC Cement and Mining Technology GmbH for cement, mining and processing industries, and production of construction materials is examined. Projects implemented in Russia are discussed.

Production development at OAO Mordov-Cement

The development of production at OAO Mordov-Cement in 2007-2011 is discussed. The semi-dry process flow at the line introduced into service in 2007, and the characteristics of its equipment are described. The information is provided on the completion of the dry process ...

Improving the cooler performance by upgrading it using FLSmidth Cross-Bar technology

The benefits of the clinker cooler FLSmidth Cross-Bar™, operating on the crossbar technology are described. The examples of upgrading the cooler at OAO Sebryakov-Cement and the reconstruction of the kiln line at OAO Volyn-Cement show that to obtain high returns on this ...

Drying of materials with simultaneous grinding

Equipment by HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH, Germany, designed for drying of inorganic materials while simultaneously grinding them, is discussed. Case studies of this equipment being used for drying fly ash, clay and other materials at existing facilities are offered.

Cement for the dry mix production

Organization of quality control in the manufacture of Milke cement brand, used for manufacturing of dry mixes and construction of chemical industry facilities, at the plant of HeidelbergCement in Geseke, Germany, is analysed. The use of selected types of raw materials a...

Lithium, potassium, and sodium additions to cement pastes

This paper investigates the influence of three alkali cations, namely lithium, potassium, and sodium, on the hydration rates and the developing capillary pore structures of hydrating cement pastes. A quantitative examination of these effects is obtained by applying a se...

Blast furnace slag binders on the basis of centrifugal impact ground granulated blast slag

The potential of the centrifugal-impact grinding of the blast furnace slag and the properties of blast furnace binders based on it are examined. It was established that the centrifugal-impact grinding can achieve the necessary dispersion of the slag, when the maximum bi...

An experience with the new generation grinding intensifiers

The impact of Litoplast I grinding intensifiers, developed by OOO Polyplast Novomoskovsk, on the performance of industrial cement mills, the unit cost of electricity and cement properties was examined. The optimum dosage of intensifiers was identified, showing that thei...

Effect of conditioned fluorine-anhydrite on the properties of portland cement

The results of testing of Portland cements containing conditioned fluorine-anhydrite from OAO Polevskoy cryolite plant as a set regulator are reported. It is shown that Portland cement containing granulated blast furnace slag and fluorine-anhydrite is characterized by a...

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