OAO BKO refractories for rotary kilns

The article reflects the potential of OAO «BKO» for comprehensive supply of rotary kiln lining refractories for cement clinker firing.

Optimisation of the cement product range in accordance with GOST 31108-2003 at ZAO ZhKSM

The article considers problems of cement product range optimisation in accordance with GOST 31108-2003 standard, effect of the cement material composition on its grain-size distribution and physico-mechanical parameters.

Development prospects for general construction binders. Geopolymers and their distinctive features

The article reviews the basic development stages of hydraulic binders and prospects for their further development. It also provides the basic data on geopolymers that in future, along with Portland cement, can play the role of general construction binding materials.

Additive solutions for optimized cement grinding and quality

Cement grinding is the last production cycle where there is still a chance to change the quality of cement taking into account the consumers’ requirements and the current standards in force. The key problem addressed by this article is this: what additional benefits can...

A potential of chromium (VI) reduction in commercial clinker burning

This is a study of the clinker firing methods used for chromium reduction in industrial facilities. With that end in view, either the charge of secondary fuel and/or the point of introducing this fuel into the rotary kiln were changed. Since in the course of tests the t...

Effect of clinker phosphorus on the microstructure and physico-chemical properties of cement

The approach between microstructure of P2O5 distribution and hydration chemistry is discussed to propose a possible mechanism that explains mechanical and physical properties modifications observed between the samples. Two industrial clinker nodules containing 0.14 and ...

The “Co-processing” of waste in the cement industry

The subject of this article is energy saving by burning various alternative fuels in cement kilns, technological, ecological, economic and social problems connected with it and also prospects. To define combined waste and raw material processing as a separate process, a...

Clinker manufacture using a mineralizer based on fluorine-containing waste

The article is devoted to the topical problem of enhancing the Portland cement clinker production efficiency by applying low-cost technogenic mineralizers based on fluorine-containing waste of aluminium manufacture. It cites the results of research into the mineralising...

The EMC technology and its advantages

The EMC technology patented by Scheuch GmbH combines the advantages of online- and offlinecleaning of bag filters and has a high economical potential. It provides a detailed review of EMC system filter operation installed for exaust gas purification at Cesla cement plan...

Gas cleaning in cement industry: filter design and manufacture

The industrial facilities in the CIS countries are currently operating a considerable number of gas and dust cleaning installations. However their overall performance does not meet the modern requirements for purifying the process gases and aspiration air any more. This...

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