Isothermal calorimetry: a standard measurement method of cement hydration kinetics

The article considers the possibilities and effectiveness of application of the calorimetric analysis method for studying the technological process characteristics of cement, concrete mix and concrete. Calorimetric data formed the basis of the thermokinetic classificati...

Nanoscale investigation of particle interactions at the origin of the cohesion of cement

The cohesion of cement grains is caused by surface forces acting between calcium silicate hydrate (C-SH) nanoparticles in interstitial electrolytic solution. The influence of pH, cations valency and concentration on the stability of the final concrete constructi...

Alkali-silicate reactions and corrosion of concrete

In spite of the fact that hundreds of publications are devoted to the problem of alkali-silicate reactions (ASR) in concretes, and practical recommendations have already been worked out for reducing the risk of their origination and development, one nevertheless...

Additional requirements placed on hydroanhydrite as a cement setting time regulator

The article cites the results of the works on using gypsum-anhydrite-type rock as cement setting time regulators, the anhydrite differing by the presence of changing, within wide limits, water-soluble and insoluble forms of calcium sulphate. For an additional controllab...

Artificial gypsum stone based on phosphogypsum

The article cites the results of a study on the efficiency of using artificial gypsum stone obtained on the base of phosphogypsum in the process of Portland cement manufacture. It is shown that, in order to ensure high results, phosphogypsum should be moulded under a fo...

Thermal modification of Portland cement raw mix

The article considers the possibility of managing the mineral formation process at burning of Portland cement raw charges by dosed thermal action with the use of a new ceramic heat exchanger.

Rheology of electroconducting cement pastes and graphite dispersions

In order to develop a technology of electroconducting composite materials based on cement and graphite, a study was made of the structural-rheological characteristics of graphite dispersions in cement pastes. The article demonstrates the connection between structural-rh...

Russian market of dry construction mixes: stabilisation?

The article considers the situation in the Russian market of dry construction mixes (DCM) in 2008 and in the first three quarters of 2009. The DCM market growth observed in 2008, in its last quarter and the first half of 2009 was replaced by a slower growth and ...

Introduction of high-efficiency bag filters designed by NPP Dneproenergostal

The article reviews the NPP Dneproenergostal experience in the matter of introducing the specially developed bag filters with pulse regeneration, as well as the results of obsolete electrostatic precipitators reconstruction.

KHD Company seminar

The article presents information on the seminar organised by KHD Humboldt Wedag International — one of the largest suppliers of equipment for the cement sector — for its Russian customers on the island of Tenerife, Spain between September 30 and October 2, 2009.

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