Dry construction mixes: Baltimix-2007

The article provides information on the International conference on dry construction mixes (September 12–14, St. Petersburg, Russia).

Cost-and-savings calculation of a separate clinker burning line

The article provides a method and an example of cost- and-savings characteristics calculation for the proposed clinker burning line reconstruction, which allows to make a resoned decision concerning its appropriateness.

Polypropylene fibers for concrete reinforcement

The article describes polypropylene and polyethylene microfibers developed by Storsack Group and intended for concrete and mortar mixes improving. It also provides information about their possible applications and informa- tion about their influence on material properti...

Basic aspects of energy saving in cement production and application in Ukraine

The aim of the article is to analyze the way of decreasing specific energy consumption in cement production on the trritory of Ukraine.

Binding properties and polymer composition of silicate mortars

The article considers the influence of silicate mortars, obtained by interaction between SiO2 nanoparticles and alkali hydroxides solutions, on the mortars binding properties.

Polymerisation of the hydrated structure of cement stone by nanoadditives in composites

This article describes the results of cement com- posites nanomodifier research. The strength and water impermeability increasing were achieved with ultra-low nanomodifier addition.

Hard-burned composite gypsum binder based on phosphogypsum

The article contains information about development of the hard-burned composite gypsum binder based on phosphogypsum and chalk, its physical mechanical properties and the optimal binder composition.

The use of slurries of electrochemical treatment of alloys in mortar production

The article considers the possibility of use of slurries of alloys electrochemical treatment in mortar production.

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