Cement industry of Russia in 2007–2015

The article gives an analysis of the state and development prospects of the cement industry in Russia. The ways of increasing cement production till 2010–2015 are considered taking into account the construction of new cement plants and an increase in production at the e...

Russian white and coloured cements technology. To the 70th anniversary of white cement commercial production. Part II

The article describes in short the history of the production of native white and colored clinkers and the organization of industrial production of ornamental cements.

Concept of development of the cement industry in ХХI century

The article briefly considers the state of cement production and degree of its conformity with the modern economy. A new direction in developing the science, equipment and technology of cement production can be the works based on a liquid matter state (melt) - t...

A cement stone structure under corrosive action

The article, based on comprehensive investigations, gives the results of these investigations describing the effect of cement type and of its hardening condi- tions on resistance to corrosion. For production of a corrosion-resistant cement it is recommended to use sulph...

The problems of graded sand production

The article deals with production of graded sand for cement testing as per GOST 310.4 and GOST 30744. The necessity is noted of increasing volumes of production of the sand and of solving some organisational problems for maintainig and developing the sand production fac...

Quarries. Topical collection

An accelerated development of the cement industry in the former Soviet Union countries today and prospects of a larger growth in the near future require radical changes in technical equipment to be installed in the industry. This inevitably increases the interest of cem...

Utilization of oil-containing wastes in cement kilns. An example of cooperation between ОАО «Моskovski NPZ » and ОАО «АLFA CEMENT»

The article considers the methods of processing and utilization of oil-containing wastes which are formed at oil processing plants. The results are presented of the pilot works for the use of oil sludges as an alternative fuel testifiying to efficiency of the technology...

Increasing alternative fuels firing

A detailed description is given of a basic design of Pillard’s ROTAFLAM® kiln burner designed for firing various types of solid and liquid wastes as well as of the experience of the burner operation at several plants is presented.

The use of a power plant ash and of a molding sand at the Rustavi cement plant

The article gives the results on the use of power plant ash and of waste molding sand for slurry preparation at the Rustavi cement plant.
The use of these materials allowed a considerable enhancement of the technical and economic production indices.

The first supply of a robotics laboratory to Russian cement plant

The article gives an outline of a fully automated laboratory at OAO Mordov-Cement, which can handle materials of the wet process and samples of the dry process. The project managers recommend to temporarily preserve sampling in both manual and semi-automatic manner. A n...

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