Manufacture, consumption and market of cement in 2007

The dynamic development of the Russian construction sector over the last nine years predetermined the resurgence of the construction materials industry. Development of the latter is a guarantee of long-term sustainable development of the country. The growth rate of inve...

Cement industry of the post-Soviet countries today: an insider’s view

This issue is going to press on the eve of the 5th International PETROCEM conference and, according to tradition, it provides information on the status and development of the cement industries of Russia and other FSU countries.

Turkish cement sector and Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association

The article presents the analysis of operations of Turkish cement industry. It includes the data on cement production, consumption and export as well as the prospect of industry development for 2008.

Modern FLSmidth Cement Plants for Russia

In the autumn of 2007 FLSmidth signed 3 contracts for 3 new modern complete production lines. Near Podgorensky, some 600 km southeast of Moscow, Eurocement is constructing a new plant with a clinker capacity of 6000t/d corresponding to approximately 2.2 million t cement...

Comparison of round and rectangular storages in the cement industry

Comparison of round and rectangular storages in the cement industry SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH established in 1879, a member of AUMUND Group, is a leading supplier of the equipment for material storing and blending. At present the storage systems and their design are gain...

Modernization of a packing line at the Topkinski cement plant

The article presents the results of a packing department modernization project at the Topkinsky cement plant where Haver & Boecker company’s ROTO-Packer equipment was installed. Two ROTO-Packer units were supplied to the plant earlier. Cement will be packed into 50 kg b...

"2WIN": fastenings of the future

The article describes the method developed by RUD company for fastening the bucket back wall to the chain in elevator systems. This technique substantially enhances the reliability of the equipment in operation, increases its service life and has a number of other advan...

Maintenance, upgrading and reconditioning of support units of the rotary kilns

The article describes the methods of modernisation and restoration of supporting units without dismantling or stoppage of rotary large-sized equipment, includ- ing those in operation in cement industry. The use of a readjustable grinding machine allows performing these ...

What is the Kiln Doctor?

The article characterizes the interactive database containing answers to questions asked by Phillips Company customers. Three basic reasons why the bandage ceases to rotate on the kiln body are analysed, and possible solutions are suggested.

New technologies serve quality department

A description is given of the design of the shaft lime kiln produced by Terruzzi Fercalx and of the state of the art version beam of the TT beam burner used in it. Advantages of such kilns are pointed out. A story is told of their first delivery to Russia for AtomStroyk...

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