Secondary fuels – a question of suitable technology

The article discusses the prospects of technologies of secondary fuel combustion. It cites examples of the technical solutions in that area developed by KHD Humboldt Wedag. It underlines the necessity, while assessing the efficiency of using secondary fuels, of taking i...

Developments aimed at improving the quality of lining in sintering zones of cement kilns

The article cites the results of the work on the determination of optimum quantity of melted spinel introduced into the charge in order to increase the thermal stability of the products. The suggested charge composition provides for high physico-mechanical properties. e...

How to repair tire and roller wear

The article discusses the types of wear of journal roller bearings and bandages of rotary cement kilns, reasons that cause such wear and problems that arise as a result. It describes the methods of machining used by Phillips Kiln Services Europe Ltd, which has 30 years ...

The use of MPS vertical roller mills in the production of cement and blast furnace slag powder.

An MPS 3750 C mill supplied by Gebr. Pfeiffer AG was the world's first vertical roller mill to be used for finish-grinding cement. The plant went into operation at the Teutonia cement works, based in Hanover, Germany, in 1980. To date the plant has produced various ...

Hardening of dry construction mixes at subzero temperatures

The article describes the scientific and technical aspects of hardening of dry construction mixes at subzero temperatures. It highlights the role the hydraulic activity of cement, phase-mineralogical composition of clinker and content of hydraulic additives. It also con...

New sack paper has benefits in all stages

The article characterizes the paper product range of Billerud Company (Sweden) for making packing bags. Currently Billerud offers more than 100 of various types of paper, including special-purpose paper such as Quick Fill SE with a density of 60 g/m^2

Improving the overall performance of cement mills

The article cites the results of analysis of the development status of the grinding equipment and technologies in cement industry. It suggests a variant of improving the efficiency of the diminution process in ball drum mills.

6th International symposium on cement and concrete

The article presents an analytical review of the materials discussed at the 6th International Symposium on cement and concrete, which was held between 19 and 22 September, 2006 in China. The review provides the data on the development of cement production in the world a...

Non-contracting cement with an expanding sulfoaluminate additive


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