ZAO «Bakhchisaraysky Kombinat Stroyindustria».

The article reviews the history of ZAO «Bakhchisaraysky Integrated Works «Stroy-industria », types of its products, main production stages and product sales.
In 1960 this cement plant built near the town of Bakhchisaray started production. Since 2000 the maiority interest in the enterprise belongs to ZAO Brinkford, the full name of the enterprise being Closed-type Joint Stock Company «Bakhch1saraysky Integrated Works «Stroy-industria» . The key product here 1s cement. The design production capacity 1s: for cement raw materials - 713 thou. m3, for clinker – 330 thou. t, for cement - 517 thou. t. including bagged cement - over 200 thou. t.
The main raw material components mined by the enterprise for its cement production 1s limestone marl, clay marl and loam .
The deposits located next to the plant yield raw materials of such a high quality that makes it possible to produce such cement brands as 400-600.
Clinker and cement are produced by the wet method as the raw materials of the Bakhchisaray quarry have a high humidity - up to 23 %, a soft structure and are easily dispersed with water.
Clinker burning is done in two 3.6x100 m rotary kilns (annual capacity 330 thou. t).
The principal fuel used in production is natural gas. Coal slurry is also used as a fuel additive. Currently, four cement mills are in operation. For cement storage, the enterprise uses 6 cement silos. In 1990 the cement output was 577.9 thou. t.
Thereafter the output levels kept steadily falling and the 1998 output amounted to just 127 thou. t. The 2000 output was 183 thou t, while 1n 2004 1t went up more than 2.5 times to reach 469.57 thou. t. In the first 6 months of 2005274 thou. t cement was produced. The level of wear of the production equipment at the works is over 70%. In recent years, a comprehensive modernization program is being implemented aimed at improving the quality of the products. increasing the production capacity, reducing the production power intensity.
Thus, in 2004 over 12 min. hryvnas were spent on the reconstruction and investment program (over US$2.3 min .). The cost of the investment proiects, capital repairs and outlays for equipment restoration in 2005 will be over 18 min. hryvnas.
A number of measures 1s implemented to reduce the dust emissions in the air by introducing modern filtration technologies.
Thus, during 2005 it 1s planned to replace the obsolete bag filters
- in the grinding section - with combined electric precipitators;
- in the grinding section - with combined electric precipitators;
- in the bagging and shipping section -with new generation FRIR bag filters ;
- on cement silos - with electric precipitators.
The products manufactured here find wide application in the construction sectors of the Crimea and Southern Ukraine.
About 80% of the products are sold in the market of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea.

Author: M. B. Nesterenko

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