Single -burnt calcium sulphate hemihydrates and their moisture absorption.

The article describes the moisture absorption («aging») of calcium sulphate hemihydrate depending on its forms, air humidity and action time. It is shown that the betaform absorbs more moisture compared to the alpha-form, which is connected with the specific sur...

New high-performance packing system at Quinn Cement in Ireland.

The article describes a high –efficiency cement packing installation HAVER Seal System with an hourly capacity of 400025-kg bags with hermetically sealed valves operating at Quinn Cement in Ballyconnel (Ireland). The installation meets consumers' requirement...

Baltic Construction Week

The article provides information on the International Construction Exhibition Baltic Construction Week held in St. Petersburg. It describees its structure and main seclions.

FLUIDCON: evolution of pneumatic transport equipment.

The transport system for bu lk materials proposed by Claudius Peters combines the advantages of airslide conveyors and a pneumatic transport pipe and makes it possible to carry 300 t/h of materials over a distance up to 800 m. The new system can ensure an up to 75 %...

Sedimentation stability of cement-and-water dispersion systems

The paper provides an evaluation of the impact of various technological factors on the water separation process of hardening cements. It discusses the formation mechanism of hydrate films in the presence of various gypsum modifiers. It suggests some techniques that enha...

Construction Week at Sokolnik1. Yet another success

The article provides information on the 14th International Construction Week in Sokolniki, Moscow, to be held on 28 February - 4 March 2006.

Five-year anniversary of Baltimix conference.

The article provides information on the 5th International Conference Baltimix2005. It describes the conference structure, reviews the key presentationsand offers brief conclusions.

Investments in our future

The article discusses the efficiency of investments in cleaning of the production facilities and process equipment from contamination. It especially focuses on the operation of vacuum dust cleaning systems and equipment. The average economic efficiency of vacuum cleanin...

Effectiveness of the application of alunite rock in the production self-stressing cements.

The article cites the results of the development of the composition and of the studies of construction and technical properties of self-stressing cements made with the use of alunite rock. The optimum burning temperature for such cements is 125°C and their strength, in ...

Concretes: Ways of development

The article describes the 2nd All-Russia International Conference Concrete and Reinforced Concrete: Ways of Development held in Moscow on 5-9 September, 2005. It reviews the Conference structure, content of the published research papers, and analyzes the presentations m...

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