On the status of the Russian cement industry in 2004 – 2005 and its development prospects

The article describes the characteristics and basic technical and economic indicator of Russian cement industry operations in 2004 - 2005. In 2004 - 2005 the Russian cement production continued to grow. The output of cement in the country in 2004 increased by 11.3% ...

The interview given by Franz Walter Aumund, owner of Aumund company, to L.Z. German, General Director of Journal Cement Ltd.


Gornozavodsk-Cement is 50

The article is devoted to the 50th anniversary of Gornozavodsk-Cement, the leading cement producer in Western Urals. It describes the plant's history, its technical equipment, range of products.

Topkinsky cement plant is 40.

The article describes the historical development of Topkinsky cement plant now owned by 000 Topkinsky Cement, which marked its 40th anniversary in January 2006. Since the spring of 2005 Topkinsky Cement forms part of the holding Sibirsky Cement. It is the major asset of...

New QCX/BlendExpert – it’s all in the mix

The article describes new FLS Automation software. Its application provides for a quick and simple control of the chemical material balance at every cement production process stage. This development enables optimization of the raw mix composition.

One size fits all - innovative preparation equipment

The article describes a new generation of sample preparation units in the POLAB® system. They make it possible to use a single sample for spectrometric (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis of cement production materials. The unit consists of a mill...

New generation electrostatic precipitators (Part 2)

The article is devoted to the products of Swiss Company ELEX specializing in the production of electrostatic precipitators for cleaning process exhaust gases. The article describes the advantages of ELEX precipitators, their operating principle and special design featur...

Impact of the pulse-discharge action on the structure formation and strength of cement stone and concrete

The article cites the results of a study of the pulsed discharge influence on the structure formation and strength of cement stone and concrete. It is shown that the pulsed discharge action and its mode affect the strength of the system and changes the character of hard...

Yug-Cement. Dyckerhoff— Buzzi-Unicem plant — the largest enterprise in Southern Ukraine

The article describes OAO YUG -Cement (former Olshansky cement plant), the largest construction material enterprise in the south of Ukraine. It is situated 35 km from the town of Nikolayev.

Conversion of clinker burning kiln to coal at Rohoznik cement plant in Slovakia

In mid- 1995-s, Hirocem's Rohoznik cement plant in Slovakia converted both its dry lines with rotary kilns to coal. The conversion of the kiln lines, that had earlier been operated on natural gas and fuel oil, to coal was caused by economic reasons. In addition to p...

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