Final grinding in roller plate mill MPS 4250 BC at a cement plant in Ecuador

Since early 2002 the grinding plant at Latacunga, Ecuador owned by Industrias Rocacem S. A. company has been producing pozzolanic cements that meet the requirements of the market in conformity with Ecuadorian norm INEN 490 (or standard ASTM C595) using an MPS 4250 BC roller plate mill from Gebr. Pfeiffer. They use joint grinding of clinker, pozzolan and gypsum with an approximate ratio of 69 /28 /3% with a sieve residue of 2.2-2.6 % on 0.045mm sieve (about 4800 cm2/g Blaine).
The output amounts to 118 t/h, which is approximately 7% above the agreed guaranteed performance, while the specific power consumption (mill, separator and air blower) is 28 kWh/ !, or approximately 15 % lower. On the whole the commissioning costs were not higher than those of grinding installations for cement raw materials, limestone or coal.
Author: Y. Reichardt, G. Link, H. Gilabert

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