Modular calciner technology for the market requirements of today.

Various types of KHD PYROCLON® calciners from German KHD Humboldt Wedag (KHD) and the modular design of this system are described. The standard types of KHD PYROCLON® calciner series are based on the in-line calciner design in which tertiary air and flue gases are fed together into a common ascending flue. The modular calciner system developed by KHD includes a PYROTOP turbulent mixing chamber increasing the combustion efficiency; combustion systems in the calciner, such as PYROBOX; systems for stepwise combustion of fuel and gasification (for example, the PYROREDOX reactor), which make it possible to reduce NOx emissions; and special combustion reactors, such as a combustion chamber or the PYROROTOR® system, which provide for combustion of a wide range of alternative fuels of different quality and fractional composition.
Author: H. Schuermann, N. Streit

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