Grinding process optimization with the modular vertical roller mill

As a world-wide leader in grinding solutions for the cement industry and understanding the changing needs of cement producers and how to tailor solutions to meet those needs.  Optimizing output, improving efficiency, and reducing CO2 emissions while keeping investment costs to a minimum are common challenges that the modular vertical roller mill grinding technology was designed to solve.  The modular vertical roller mill for grinding cement raw material, cement clinker, and additives with an installed power of up to 12,000 kW was specifically designed to meet the demand for increased grinding capacities and optimized maintenance concepts.  Today’s cement plants can now be designed with the one-mill concept for both raw material and cement grinding.

The advantages of the modular vertical roller mill technology are evident in the results from a case study about a modular vertical roller mill for raw material grinding in operation in North America and detailed operational data of several other 4 and 6 roller mills in operation throughout the world.

The modular design of the vertical roller mill comprising 4 to 6 grinding rollers allows the continuation of mill operation even if one roller module is not available. The same applies to the innovative multi drive design of the mill drive consisting of up to 6 identical drive units in the range of 2,000 kW each. The cement mill case study will showcase the active redundancy concept resulting from the innovative multi drive design. These new features considerably reduce downtimes by allowing the mill to continue operation while maintenance work is being performed on a drive unit.  Rather unexpectedly, the modular vertical roller mill is quickly establishing itself as the “quietest mill in the world” due to the design emphasis on reducing the mill vibration levels.

In conclusion, the modular vertical roller mill results have certainly lived up to the initial hype and even surpassed many of the customer expectations.
Author: C. Woywadt

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